Steinau an der Straße, Germany

“Initially, I intended to invest in a rack oven to complement our existing deck oven and to operate the two unis with a trolley loading system. In chats with colleagues in the trade and during visits to trade fairs and reference bakeries of various oven manufacturers, the name Heuft and Vulkan Thermo-Roll cropped up quite a lot.

To make a long story short: I now have three Vulkan Thermo-Roll trolley ovens in my bakery, and that is all I need to bake all the breads and specialties we are so well known for. I got rid of the deck oven, and never looked back! One of my Thermo-Roll units is equipped with stone plate trolleys and thus serves essentially as a deck oven. During the early morning hours, we can however run it as trolley loading oven for bread rolls, etc.

And we thereby achieve much better results than with a conventional rack oven, which comes as no surprise, as circulating hot air leads to dry, rather bland bread rolls, and we see enough of these in convenience stores and supermarkets… My artisan bread rolls are obviously a very different product, and my Thermo-Roll ensures that our crumb is nicely moist and the crust remains crisp until the evening.

With my two trolley ovens, I am well equipped for many years to come. They allow for extremely flexible handling and very fast loading – even when producing separate loaves – and have made our baking operation much more efficient.
As a sole trader, I can rely on Heuft, which is still essentially a family business, despite its much bigger size.”