Heat integration systems

HEUFT HEAT INTEGRATION SYSTEM - Managing energy flows to save money

By opting for a Heuft heat integration system, you make your business future-proof. It is a tried-and-tested solution to enable you to recover heat that would otherwise be wasted, reducing your energy consumption by up to 40 per cent – an impressive degree of efficiency. Three out of four Heuft customers who buy a thermal oil oven also invest in a Heuft heat integration system. At the core of our solutions are a central heat exchanger and a buffer tank through which a number of different energy sources can be integrated into the hot water and heating system. The capacity of the buffer tank is optimized for the actual heat requirements of the bakery, and a range of connection options cater for future expansions of the system, for instance with a steam condenser or a flue gas heat exchanger. We specialize in intelligent networking and monitoring solutions that make the generation of energy and its consumption ever more efficient. Investing in advanced technology from Heuft makes both economic and ecological sense.


  • Heat generator and consumers are integrated with each other
  • Only one heat generator for oven, hot water and heating
  • Cost savings due to elimination of additional boilers and fireplaces
  • Heat management completely from Heuft
  • Modern ECO control
  • May be entitled to public funding