VULKAN LARGE BAKING OVEN Automation of the baking process

The bakery sector is an extremely dynamic industry. Company sizes are growing and with them the quantities produced. Our customers are currently faced with the challenge of producing at an industrial scale without compromising the quality of artisan production. Bakeries who want to manage this balancing act almost always find their way to Heuft. Fact is, thermal oil is the only viable technology for large ovens. Thermal oil is the only liquid heat transfer medium that heats baking surfaces up to 600 m2 so evenly that the desired reproducibility is guaranteed. Annular tube ovens or cyclothermic ovens are pushed to their physical limits because water vapor and air are more difficult to distribute and lose heat over long distances. Large automated thermal oil systems from Heuft are therefore a logical choice for medium-sized to industrial bakeries. They guarantee high hourly output, ergonomics and visibly high-quality baking quality over a long lifetime.