VULKAN EUROBACK® - An investment in quality and productivity

In modern bakeries, large-scale ovens are integrated into complete processing lines. That is why our VULKAN EUROBACK is optimized for integration into any automated processing chain that starts with proofing and ends with cooling. To avail of the full capacity of this thermal oil oven, it can be combined with a loading system tailor-made to suit your production line. Such a system ensures fully automated precision loading and unloading at programmable intervals and speeds. The VULKAN EUROBACK is an extraordinarily versatile oven, featuring up to twelve hearths so that different products can be baked at the same time. You will not find middle-of-the-road technology in a Heuft oven: Separately controlled temperature and steam zones in the hearths and an option to change between continuous baking and step-by-step batch baking mode, the VULKAN EUROBACK offers everything you need for the production of quality goods based on your very own recipes. The VULKAN EUROBACK is where customization meets productivity.


  • Optional: 2 to 12 hearths and baking areas of up to 600 m2
  • Efficient baking of large quantities thanks to full automation
  • Perfect for 24-hour operation
  • Customized units for integration into existing processing lines
  • Multiple steam and temperature zones in one oven
  • Separately controlled top and bottom heat
  • Available with mesh, chain, hinged or stone plate conveyor