HEUFT ASSEMBLY - Achieving perfection through engineering and craftsmanship

Every year more than 200 ovens from the Heuft workshops make their way into the world. This is backed up by a highly committed team of mechatronics engineers, electricians, metal workers, application engineers and other highly qualified specialists. Our approximately 170 production employees enable an almost complete in-house production and are familiar with over 2000 model variants down to the smallest detail. They are also responsible for the quality control that every oven goes through before it arrives at the customer. The next team of experts is already waiting at the destination for installation and commissioning. From project management to detailed information about all oven specifications and bakery specifications, we look after every detail and every connection. This also applies to the thermal oil boilers, combined heat and power systems and pipeline construction designed by us. A strong vertical range of manufacture, professional quality assurance and experienced assembly worldwide – this makes Heuft synonymous with reliable, robust oven construction.