THE THERMAL OIL - SYSTEM - For the sake of the environment

Our time demands sustainable solutions. It is imperative to reduce energy consumption, use renewable and regenerative energies and reduce emissions. Heuft has responded convincingly to these challenges. Even our specialization in thermal oil arises from this commitment. Thermal oil has an excellent combustion efficiency with low energy consumption. What’s more, if the boiler is operated with biomass such as pellets or wood chips, it not saves energy but also protects resources.

We have also taken a pioneering role in the field of heat recovery. As early as the 1990s, we developed the first integrated heating systems and have continued to optimize them to this day. The installation quickly pays off with the energy saved. However, we’re not going to rest on what we have accomplished so far – the name Heuft will continue to be associated with environmental innovations in the future. However, baking quality will continue to be the lodestar of our work.