BAKING IN THERMAL OIL OVENS – TECHNOLOGY - 100 % thermal oil technology

As a liquid heat transfer medium, thermal oil has decisive physical advantages over systems working with air, gas or water. The Heuft ovens are the perfect technical solution for this advantage. Our units can be heated up quickly, are extremely energy-efficient and guarantee uniform heat distribution throughout the oven chamber. During the baking process, the thermal oil circulates at a constant temperature of up to 300° C through the oven system. Thermal oil is a champion in heat retention capacity, which is 2700 times greater than that of other heat transfer media, minimizing the temperature difference between the transfer medium and the oven chamber. The ΔT value in thermal oil oven systems is therefore significantly lower than that of other baking systems. As a result, the heat is transferred evenly and gently to the products in the oven. Another added value: During baking, the products do not dry out as much as with other heating systems and the baked products retain a moist crumb and keep fresh for longer. Adjustable temperature curves and optional turbulence operation enable bakers to achieve perfect results. All these and many other advanced features demonstrate our unrivaled know-how and expertise in oven construction. HEUFT – THE THERMAL OIL PEOPLE.