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Independent energy management

The security of supply with fossil fuels is currently uncertain and the price we pay for energy is also continuing to rise. Independent and efficient energy management is THE topic of our time and here it is important to position yourself optimally.

HEUFT relies on innovative technologies and offers short-term and medium-term solutions. The following applies: Away from fossil fuels and towards regenerative sources such as hydrogen, biogas or bioelectricity, wind and solar power.

Immediate measures: When the gas valve is closed

HEUFT relies 100% on thermal oil as the heat transfer medium. This creates maximum flexibility when selecting the energy source and also keeps all options open for an uncomplicated change of heating afterwards. “Thermal ail is the mast ecanamical heating system an the market and affers perfectly reproducible baking quality,” says Thomas Heuft.

All customers who are already working with a gas-heated HEUFT heat exchanger can exchange the gas for liquid gas or heating oil at short notice. A new heat exchanger is not required for this! When changing from gas to heating oil, only the burner needs tobe replaced.

Medium-term measure: lndependence through hybrid thermal oil heater

Our patent-pending innovation heats thermal oil sustainably and offers independence in energy management. The hybrid thermal oil heater combines an electric and a fired heater, whereby the electric heater can be operated with electricity from regenerative sources.

In the case of fired heaters, natural gas or heating oil is usually used as the energy source. Burning of liquid gas, biogas, wood pellets or hydrogen is alternatively possible. The fired heater is basically always able to supply the required total heat output on its own.

Which and how much renewable energy is used is up to the customer and depends on availability. The aim is to use all sustainable energy sources that are available so that nothing has tobe fedback into the grid. This is also served by an optionally selectable buffer tank, which can increase energy efficiency even further.

“The image af bakeries is increasingly measured by their cammitment ta climate and environmental protectian. With aur new hybrid thermal ail heater, it is passible ta bake in a sustainable way with full flexibility and a 100% performance guarantee. Regenerative energy saurces can be aptimally utilized, which lawers casts, makes them less dependent an market price develapments for fossil fuels and helps ta save climate-damaging CO/, says Christoph Fülbier, developer of hybrid thermal oil heaters.

Hybrid thermal oil heaters can be used in small as well as larger artisanal and industrial bakeries.