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Hybrid made easy.

As energy is an increasingly more valuable resource, we offer sustainable
solutions for our customers. The trend is clear: the path leads away from fossil fuels
and towards regenerative resources such as hydrogen, biogas, or bioelectricity, and includes wind and solar power for their potential.

The gas valve closes

HEUFT relies entirely on thermal oil as the heat transfer medium. Thermal oil creates maximum flexibility when selecting the energy source, as well as when changing to a different option later on. This makes thermal oil the most
economical heating system on the market, while providing consistent baking parameters, explains managing director Thomas Heuft.

All bakeries that are already working with a gas-heated HEUFT heat exchanger have the option of replacing the gas with liquid gas or heating oil ad hoc. The changeover
can be made quickly, without the need for a new heat exchanger. When changing from gas to heating oil, only the burner needs to be replaced.

Securing production flow with a hybrid thermal oil heater

A patent-pending innovation from HEUFT is the hybrid thermal oil heater, which heats thermal oil sustainably and can help earn independence in energy management. It combines two technologies: an electric and a fired heater. Moreover, the electric heater can use electricity from regenerative
sources, to operate sustainably.

The fired heater, in turn, can use either natural gas or heating oil as an energy
source. In this case, possible alternatives include burning liquid gas, biogas, wood pellets, or hydrogen. In any case, it is able to supply the entire heating output required on its own.

It is then up to the bakeries to choose which type and how much renewable energy they want to use, depending on its availability. The aim is to use all sustainable energy sources that are readily available, so that nothing has to be fed back into the grid. Optionally, a buffer tank can be added to help with this, as it can increase energy efficiency with an extra step.

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